Acid Kuba Kuba Robusto 10 + Ashtray


Acid’s cigar is one of the most popular on the market. The strong and flavorful flavor makes it easy to smoke and gives you a taste that will remind you of Cuba, which we all know was historically a bastion for some of the best cigars around. Nowadays, people are buying more cigars than ever before so don’t miss out!

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If you’re looking for a nice gift set for yourself or maybe a friend or loved one, I couldn’t think of anything better than the Acid Kuba Kuba Robusto 10 + Ashtray. Just as the name implies, this set comes with a four-fingered ACID ashtray along with 10 of ACID’s most popular blend- Kuba Kuba. The incredibly popular Kuba Kuba makes a great treat for any cigar smoker!

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