Aganorsa 5-Star Sampler


Imagine opening a world-class humidor, punctuated with an intoxicating scent of aromatic cedar, and thick piles of tobacco. Now close your eyes and imagine its overwhelming aroma lingering in the air as you extract one Aganorsa 5-Star cigar from the collection that defines perfection–and complements every type of rich flavor imaginable. Share this moment, but first grab two pals to help light up what just might be the finest handmade cigars on planet earth.

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“Recently, the Aganorsa family from Esteli, Nicaragua has been earning some serious merit as cigar aficionados progress through their graduation ceremonies. The most recent addition to this prestigious group is Sampler 5-Star variety of cigars. These handcrafted beauties have quickly become a staple in humidors all across the country due to their reliably high quality flavor and smooth draw.”

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