Alec Bradley Table-Top Torch Lighter


The Alec Bradley Table-Top Torch Lighter has everything you need for the perfect smoker. Its powerful flames and its reliable windproof design make it ideal for heating a cigar that’s been dipped in cedar oil. Plus, it’s metal too, so when you are done smoking your cigars tonight, don’t be afraid to use this delectable lighter as lettuce bowl!
Say goodbye to stinky Bic lighters with this stylishly sleek cigar accessory that will keep your smokes lit until your heart is content!

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Now this thing is cool. The Alec Bradley Table-Top Torch Lighter (phew!) is an eye-catching piece in the shape of a tea kettle. The base measures 3″ in diameter, offering a ginormous butane tank, which allows this lighter to burn for up to 2 hours (depending on flame setting). Just release the gas, push the button, adjust the flame, and you’re smokin’ within seconds!

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