Ashton Sampler – Bx/10


In this high-end sampler pack, you get the 10 cigars that Ashton considers its best. Each cigar is mellow yet masculine, with complex notes. The sweet and spicy smoke will fit in well some cigar enthusiasts who want to sample a variety of the companies top smokes from their place of origin (Dominican Republic).

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Ashton Sampler Collection contains:
1 x Ashton 898 (6.5″x44)
1 x Ashton Magnum (5.0″x50)
1 x Ashton Cabinet Selection Pyramid (6.4″x52)
1 x Ashton Cabinet Selection #8 (7.0″x49)
1 x Ashton Aged Maduro #20 (5.5″x44)
1 x Ashton Aged Maduro #40 (6.0″x50)
1 x Ashton Heritage Belicoso (4.8″x49)
1 x Ashton Heritage Corona Gorda (5.75″x46)
1 x Ashton VSG Robusto (5.5″x50)
1 x Ashton VSG Sorcerer (7.0″x49)

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