Biarritz 4-Finger Cigar Ashtray


The Biarritz 4-finger cigar ashtray is the ultimate gentleman’s companion. Quaintly designed with a classic leather cover, it has enough room for six of your favorite cigars that are conveniently divided by fingers. You’ll be the envy on every patio you graced and no one will dare make an unsightly scene again out of fear that you may just duel them to death with your trusty sidearm and this elegant utensil at hand.

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The cigar ashtray is polished to an unblemished surface and features four finger holes. The outer edges prevent ash from spilling on the ground amid a smoke break. The Biarritz 4-Finger Cigar Ashtray holds cigars up to 7″ and can be washed in water after use for easy cleaning.

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