Boveda Seasoning Humi-Packets – Bag/10 8-Gram


Advanced, 2-way humidity control for convenient travelling.

Boveda’s revolutionary Humidification Packets are pre-formulated to a specific humidity level. These packets are amazingly accurate, keeping a constant humidity level within +/-2%, leaving no room for drastic fluctuations in moisture. The slim design allows you to store a packet virtually anywhere in your humidor without limiting the storage capacity, while eliminating the need for distilled water or PG solution. The more you use, the longer they last, just remember to never mix humidity levels or they will fight against each other.

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Recommended usage: These small 8 gram humidity packets are great for travelling. Toss one in your travel humidor, a small bag, a jar, or whatever you please and get going. Its as simple as that. Each packet lasts 2+ months and when they start to feel dry and crispy, it’s time to replace.

Dimensions 2.75″ x 2.5″ each

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