Craftsman’s Bench Boca Grande


Professionally designed ashtrays made before our civilization was overran with plastic! Ideal for occasions where the guest of honor isn’t a smoker, this item will make your smoking buddy think you host the classiest shindigs. This ashtray is made from tough balsa wood and topped off with an ashy-white Boca Grande banded mahogany lid. The top grate has been left bare so it can absorb all those pesky smoky smells that clog up everything else in the room.

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Cigar smoke requires an ashtray. The Craftsman’s Bench Boca Grande Maduro Ashtray is the cigar smoker’s perennial tool, engineered to be stylish, notably durable and intensely reliable against even the harshest elements. Each ashtray has a long handle that provides easy grasp for handling from any angle, while all-natural bamboo bolster deflects ashes and minimizes chance of sparks flying. We painstakingly engineer every inch of our craftsman bench over 15 hours in house by immersing it in Florida seawater before final production to seal it with a natural barrier from salt tides and damp air which can degrade wood products quickly without this protection. If your employees enjoy cigars but you don’t want them smoking within office doors

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