Diesel Maduro Small-Haul Sampler


The pockets of a well-tailored suit bulge and spill over with rich tobacco smells. Commuting at night to the office building, he strips off layers–leaving on his long sleeved shirt so as not to risk wrinkling it–always taking care to remove his hat before entering the sweltering acrid, crowded lobby among tightly expressionless businessmen.

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Each Diesel Unlimited Small-Haul 12-Cigar Sampler includes:

2 – Diesel Unlimited d.P Perfecto (5”x58)
2 – Diesel Unlimited  Flathead Belicoso (6.5”x54)
2 – Diesel Unlimited d.nt Perfecto (6.5”x56)
2 – Diesel Unlimited Large Marge (6.7”x54)
2 – Diesel Unlimited d.10 Perfecto (6.5”x64)
2 – Diesel Unlimited Stout Barber Pole (6”x60)

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