Duet Torano Table Lighter


The Duet is a modern table lighter with high-performance power and an intuitive manual-push mechanism. You’ll find this light weight, heavy duty matching set among the finest furniture in any luxury cabinetry store today.
The sharp design of the Duet features an all-metal case that’s crafted from natural colors of brass or copper, each etched for durability. The signature Durovent “Gas” Switch and Lock Safety Key prevents accidental discharge while in your pocket or bag. Packaged separately is a ribbon style woven leather zip pouch to protect your lighter and keep it close by at all times. Leave no detail undone when gifting without worry, confident you’ve found the perfect lighting accessory for years to come!

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For decades, the Torano lighter has been a favorite for many smokers. Definitely the “Bic” of the cigar industry – they’re everywhere and see just about as much use. But what really sets this baby apart is that it’s right there in your hand when you need it most. The Duet even has two flames so whatever side you choose to operate on will light like a sliver bullet (if you know what we mean). Fires up consistently and never extinguishes–just in case you get too drunk or crazy smoking cigars one night to remember how to put out fire after lighting another! Also doesn’t require any pumping or anything like those cheapo lighters that are all skeezy with barnacles, stuck together with motor

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