Jetline Avalanche Quad Flame Lighter


The Jetline Avalanche Quad Flame Lighter is a one of a kind, incredibly high-quality lighter. Built to withstand the harshest conditions and lighting most anything with its four powerful flames, this jet black beast will quickly become your favorite go-to for all your outdoor adventures. Its patented lock safety feature protects you even when there is impact shock or contact with water. The serrated blade chamber eliminates both wick and flint—making this lighter no hassle at all!

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This rugged lighter is water-resistant, has four adjustable flame heights with a safety shutter guard. You can set the height anywhere from home base to emergency status which will burn hot for more than three minutes without sparking and turning into an inferno. It comes pre-filled so it’s ready to attach to your key ring or setting on your nightstand next to you!

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