Jetline Bugle Master Quad Torch


Balance the natural power of wild fire and utility with Jetline’s Bugle Master Quad Torch Yellow lighter, made with a durable body for all-day use and designed to spark even in high winds. The piston operating engineers seat contains up to four torches, giving you triple functionality from one device that also functions as a camper stove or candle when needed. Keep your campfire lit wherever you are – riverbanks, golf courses, farmer’s markets – just don’t forget the Jetline!

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The Jetline Bugle Master Quad Torch Yellow is one of the most durable, well-built lighters out there. You can pump it up to get a roaring flame that will put you in charge of any light situation. It’s time to set those fires and blaze a trail towards victory with your trustworthy Bugle Master Quad!
Brief additional information: For all you outdoor enthusiasts looking for torches with power – look no farther

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