JetLine Prestige Double Jet Lighter


This jetliner-inspired lighter gun has heavy weighted triggers that activate and electrically light up the double jet flame in all types of weather. It’s always ready, no need to click a button, so there are no worries about leaving this bad boy on.

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The JetLine Prestige Double Jet Lighter-Gun Metal is engineered to be the ultimate lighter. Powered by a strong, continuous spark, this sleek lighter ignites even the most stubborn wick. The power of two jets ensures a consistent flame about 30 seconds long while more easily lighting your tobacco. Never worry about your lighter running out in the middle of an event or sporting occasion again. This durable metal casing can withstand four-foot drops with no problem and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning thanks to its self-locking mechanism that keeps it tight at all times. Purchasing this product will show your friends you appreciate the finer things in life!

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