JetLine Prestige Double Jet Lighter


If you’re tired of blowing on your lighter in vain, it’s time to upgrade to a JetLine Prestige Double Jet Lighter. With an impressive manufacturing process that involves double jets with individual gas tanks, the spark is guaranteed.

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Hold tight to your smokes: the JetLine Prestige Double Jet is a top of the line lighter. Made from a titanium alloy, this lighter will last even if you hold it in high winds and sub-zero climates! With its incredible wind resistance, you can truly project confidence while igniting your cigs with one hand (often). A protective sliding cover ensures that your jet black color remains pristine and shiny so there’s never any question as to whether you had one too many pints last night at the bar or not. This device is no joke when it comes to altitude because if you take this anywhere near 15,000 feet in elevation then it won’t be able to light up anyways. So wherever your destination may be, make

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