JetLine Roggo Double Lighter


This JetLine Roggo Double Flame Torch Lighter is a macho guy’s favorite lighter. It has two full flames and always delivers a reliable light with one flick of the thumb thanks to its handy rechargeable battery. What happens when you’re out camping, barbecuing, or trying to start a fire? Just charge up your lighter for 20 minutes before your next adventure.

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Imagine a manly lighter for that ultimate in smoking experiences. The RDX JetLine Roggo Double Flame Torch Lighter is the way to go! With this hefty piece of hardware, nothing’s standing between you and your favorite smoke session. You’ll be lighting up quicker than ever before with its quick jet torch system to light any type of cigar or cigarette worldwide from Cuba’s finest brands to popular American favorites like Montecristo. Get ready for a blast from the past; pick up the JetLine Roggo today and experience life as it used to be—manicured lawns, hot cars and cool chicks everywhere.

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