JM’s Dominican Honey Infused Sampler


JM’s Dominican Honey Infused Sampler is the perfect gift for a gentleman who loves cigars. It includes one of each size: Churchill, Torpedo, Robusto and Corona Extra. All with JM’s signature hand-blended honduras wrapper leaf which is infused with honey. You’ll need two hands to enjoy this sampler!

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If a cigar is like the final parting of love, smoking it is the celebration before hand. With JM’s Dominican Honey Infused Sampler, you can spend more time with that person who has been your devoted friend in sorrow for so long. Bringing out all the notes and flavors ahead of time will just make the last moment all the sweeter, but not without burning through some delicious cigars to get there. Thank you for indulging our honey-filled dreams and drinking in every flavor we have to offer.

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